Secretary-General of Workers’ Party “Welcomes” the Audit

Following the recent Aljunied – Hougang – Punggol East Town Council auditing saga, Workers’ Party Secretary-General Mr. Low Thia Khiang has stated that he “welcomes” the audit by the auditing general.

He feels that it is only “natural” that this issue has stirred up much doubt amongst the residents as there are some who are suspicious of the Town Council’s independent auditor’s report. However, he is also extremely “confident” that none of the Town Council’s funds were lost, and that there was no involvement of any form of illegal payment or transaction. 

Mr. Low pointed out that he is “technically not qualified” to comment on the reason as to why the Town Council did not meet the auditors’ requirements. He believes that if the people are uncertain about the situation, the matter can be handed over to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) or the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) for further investigation.

“This is why we welcome the Ministry of National Development’s request, with the help of relevant ministries, to conduct an audit on us. It is only when we are able to look at this incident with the right perspective that we can move on.”

Cover photo taken by Christine Choo
Translated from original report here