Daily Archives: 2014-01-26

Effigy burning – would Gilbert Goh be breaking the law?

By Andrew Loh In a TODAY report in August of 2008 on the relaxation of rules for the use of Speakers’ Corner, it said that protests like the burning of effigies and holding gay pride events at the park “will have a place in Singapore”. The government had announced the day before that the rules would be relaxed to encourage …

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Protest against public transport fare increase

By Tiffany Gwee Photography by Jeremy Chan A group of approximately 400 enthusiastic protesters gathered in Hong Lim Park yesterday evening to protest against the recent 3.2% public transport fare hike approved by the Public Transport Council (PTC) and the government earlier this year. Organised by activist Gilbert Goh, the event attracted many with placards that expressed their frustration, with …

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Should we punish Anton Casey?

By Aloysius Chia Should people demand Anton Casey leave just because he made some rude, condescending remarks about Singaporeans? Here I am going to present a number of points, running against the current sentiment, about why there is no good reason to. A number of prominent Singaporeans have spoken up against Anton Casey, asking him to leave if he cannot …

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