Daily Archives: 2014-01-05

No agent fees, no job for you.

By Terry Xu “Brother, it is ok that we are sent back if we did not do good in our job. But it is not fair that we are sent back because we are unwilling to pay the agent money. Where is the justice?” The Online Citizen (TOC) was earlier alerted to a story by one of our readers. She …

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Filmmaker of “15”, an example of education system

Post by Heng Swee Keat. [spacer style=”1″ icon=”none”] Education Minister Heng Swee Keat, in a Facebook post, cited filmmaker Royston Tan as an example of how “our education system is to provide a BROAD and DEEP foundation for a LIFELONG journey of life and learning.” “What does BROAD mean? Think of the story of Royston Tan, whom many of us …

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How Much Tax Are Singaporeans Really Paying? (Part 1)

By Roy Ngerng and Leong Sze Hian This is a 10-part series which will analyse the tax that Singaporeans are paying, in comparison with the Nordic countries. It has been said that Singaporeans pay one of the lowest taxes in the world, and that the Nordic countries pay one of the highest taxes in the world. This series would explore …

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