Daily Archives: 2013-12-26

MDA’s actions raise doubts about its capacity as media authority

The FreeMyInternet group expresses our grave concerns about the Media Development Authority’s (MDA) ability to serve as an effective regulator and developer of the Internet space in Singapore. This inability has been amplified by recent incidents involving the registration of local news websites The Independent Singapore (TISG) and Breakfast Network (BN). In particular, we feel that MDA’s actions in these …

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Truth or Dare? Run the Gauntlet, Torch the Ashes, Raise the Phoenix

By Jeannette Chong Singapore’s foremost political leader once famously stated [1]: “What political party helps an opposition to come to power? Why should we not demolish them before they get started? Once they get started, it’s more difficult to demolish them.  If you are polite to me, I’m polite to you but I’ll demolish your policy. It is the job of …

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