Acquitted foreign workers deported

Last updated on December 22nd, 2013 at 01:15 pm

Four foreign workers who have been acquitted in the case of the riot in Little India is said to have been deported from Singapore.

One of the four is an Indian foreign worker, 22-year old Rajendran Ranjan. He was said to have been brought to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) by Ministry of Manpower on Friday morning at 3am.

Human Rights Lawyer, M Ravi, who is Rajendran's lawyer, wrote to the ICA on Friday afternoon to ask them to refrain from deporting his client.

The police had withdrawn the charges against Rajendran and the court granted him a discharge amounting to an acquittal earlier on Tuesday.

Mr Ravi also asked to be given access to his client.

But the authorities did not respond to Mr Ravi's letters.

It was later made known to TOC that Mr Rajendran was put on a flight back to India at 9.50pm.

Apart from Mr Rajendran and the other three foriegn workers, another 53 foreign workers who were warned but not charged by the court were also deported last night.

Police's statement to the media states that seven persons who were mentioned in the Tuesday press conference and previously charged in court had their charges withdrawn by the prosecution. Of these seven, four have been issued with stern police warnings. These four have also been served with immigration removal orders. The four of them enjoyed full access to consular assistance, and were also seen by members of the Committee of Inquiry.

The 53 workers will not be allowed back into Singapore while Mr Rajendran is said to be allowed to re-apply to return here after a three months period.

There has been no explanation on why the four were deported despite being acquitted by the courts for the charges.

Letter which was sent by M Ravi,


This entry was posted in Current Affairs.
This entry was posted in Current Affairs.