Chiam: Why do battle against voices of the people?

chiamToday, Minister Chan Chun Sing said that the PAP will “do battle everywhere as necessary” and not concede physical and cyber space to get their message across.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who thinks this sounds like government propaganda. We live in a democratic nation, and I hope the government knows and respects that. Already, our press standards and rankings are among the lowest globally.

I do not understand why the PAP wants to fight dissenting voices, since the voices come from the voters. It doesn't make sense for the PAP to fight those who have put them in power. The government’s policies have created much unhappiness. The Opposition spends much of its time helping the people and listening to their needs.

Many will remember that the Prime Minister apologised to the Opposition for speaking about his intention to “fix” them during the 2006 General Election.

Will the Minister similarly apologise for stating his intention to do battle against the voices of the people?

Chiam See Tong
Secretary-General, Singapore People’s Party

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Read up Minister Chan Chun Sing's speech here. 

This entry was posted in Politics.
This entry was posted in Politics.