Daily Archives: 2013-11-25

“Unusual” moments at the 50th Golden Horse Awards

By Leong Sze Hian When Remy Choo, Managing Editor of theonlinecitizen asked me if I could write something about my participation at the 50th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei) on 23th November (my 60th birthday), the first thought that came to my mind was – what else can I write that has not already been covered by the media on …

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Mistaken identity by the online community

By Terry Xu Earlier last week, local website, STOMP outdid itself by posting a photo of a National Service man drinking in the MRT carriage with a caption saying: “We all understand that drinking and eating are not allowed on the train and the stations, right?  … It’s not nice to see NS guys breaking the rules while in uniform.” …

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Problems with the progressive wage model

By Andy Wong Launched and promoted to great fanfare by the ruling party, the progressive wage model looks good as a press release, but is hamstrung by the twin flaws of obviousness and impossibility. Obviousness, in the sense that it describes a relatively straightforward career progression ladder that employees should be encouraged to climb toward greater salaries – an idea …

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