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Medifund: Successful applications increased 65%?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “$100m in Medifund aid provided to needy patients last year” (Straits Times, Nov 15). Medifund disbursed $100m? It states that “Over $100 million in aid was provided, up from $90 million the year prior to that. A third of this went to elderly patients. Medifund helps low-income Singaporeans who are unable …

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Measure for measure

Editorial A proper gauge of the extent and depth of poverty in Singapore is urgently overdue The self-descriptive title of a new book by economist Leo Goodstadt – “Poverty in the Midst of Affluence: How Hong Kong Mismanaged its Prosperity” – might hold a familiar ring for Singaporeans. In Hong Kong, the city with which Singapore has drawn the most …

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A room full of “trouble makers”, unclear about the future?

By Howard Lee “Where is civil society today? I don’t have a very clear answer,” said Braema Mathi from human rights group MARUAH, as the Civil Society Conference organised by the Institute of Policy Studies drew to a close. Braema’s remarks might have puzzled some. It was, all in, a robust session that flagged out many issues that civil society …

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What is it about the Singapore/Malaya merger and Operation Coldstore?

The Online Citizen speaks with Dr. Thum Ping Tjin, a historian on the merger of Singapore and the Federation of Malaya along with Operation Coldstore which can be said to be a period of white terror of our country. He has researched extensively and have been documenting the unclassified documents that have been recently released by the British Government on the two topics. Update – Declassified …

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