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Strange replies in Parliamentary? (Part 2): 18 assistance schemes?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the articles “‘Range of aid for needy, flexible rules’” (Straits Times, Nov 12). 18 assistance schemes? In the accompanying chart “Many lines of help” – 18 Targeted Measures are listed – such as Public Assistance, Subsidies for education, healthcare and housing, etc. Total social spending? What is the amount spent in total for …

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The Messiah, the Crowd, and the State

By Aloysius Chia How are we to make sense of The Messiah? On the one hand this figure of Anonymous seems bent on threatening the government, providing for the first time since the crackdown on ‘communists’ in the 1980s, a true radical force against what it views as injustice and unreasonable control of the polity (the internet of which is an …

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Strange replies in Parliamentary? (Part 1): Hospital bills arrears?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “Majority of public hospital patients settle bills within 2 months: Gan Kim Yong” (Channel NewsAsia, Nov 12). 5% couldn’t pay? It states that “Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said more than 95 per cent of patients in public hospitals settle their hospital bills within two months of discharge.” Why not tell …

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Singapore civil society evolved and generally positive

Academics and activists agree on progress, but more focus needed on fundamental issues, says Law Minister By Howard Lee Civil society has progressed much in Singapore, with greater diversity of interests and willingness among groups to voice out their ideals. This was the main message shared by speakers and participants at the Civil Society Conference yesterday organised by the Institute …

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