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F2F Policy Exchange – Healthcare

All seats have been allocated The Online Citizen has published a series of articles on Singapore’s healthcare system. We hope you have found our articles useful in giving you a better understanding of our 3M system (Medisave, MediShield, Medifund). No conversation is complete, however, without an opportunity for you, our reader, to voice your views and concerns. As such, TOC …

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Focus on Healthcare – 3M and the evolution of needs

By Ghui The issue of affordable healthcare is a hotbed for discussion. This is not surprising considering that it is a matter that affects each person intimately. Be it for you or for a loved one, we would all have had experiences with the medical care industry. Do a Google search on Singapore healthcare and a wealth of websites and …

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Progressively regressive

Editorial The PTC’s 2013 fare review makes some progressive suggestions, but it is up to the government to do more The Fare Review Mechanism Committee (FRMC) annual fare review, released on 5th November, contained several worthwhile suggestions. Concessions for the needy and students, which are long overdue, are to be expanded. The FRMC will track the wages of lower income …

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