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The Inauthentic Sampan

By Aloysius Chia What is it about a recent comment by PM Lee, relating Singapore to a ‘Sampan 2.0’, that makes it so baffling, and frustrating? Could it be the poor analogy. Nobody really thinks Singapore as a primitive ‘Sampan’ anymore, with its kind of diversified economy. Or could it be that suggestion that the boat has been upgraded to ‘2.0’, …

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Labour movement starting to really fight for workers’ rights?

By Leong Sze Hian PMEs can turn to unions for help? I refer to the article “Older execs may get union help on re-employment” (Straits Times, Nov 1). It writes that older professionals, executives and managers (PMEs) who are unhappy with their re-employment contracts could soon turn to unions for help. A group of officials from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), …

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Policing the Global Internet

By Donaldson Tan Introduction Timing has always been a critical element in strategy, so it is particularly relevant to ask why there now appears a global coordinated effort by governments to encroach into cyberspace. This development also raises questions on whether conditions of Internet have changed such that the Internet is now more governable and whether the gap between real space …

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What figures are counted towards LTA's SSA standard?

By failrail.sg There seems to have been a persistent track fault delaying service between Joon Koon and Boon Lay today (1 Nov). SMRT updated on Facebook that there two delays – the first delay occurred around 3pm and was resolved an hour later. The second delay occurred around 8pm and SMRT said it will send its engineers to rectify the problem …

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Malaysia: Mass arrest of peaceful protesters shows shrinking space for human rights defenders

Amnesty International Press Release  31st October 2013 – Today’s arrest of 19 people involved in a peaceful protest against the demolition of a historical village in Malaysia shows once again how the country’s authorities are taking a hard line against human rights defenders, Amnesty International said. “If any more evidence was needed that the Malaysian authorities are restricting the space for human …

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