Chinese Fugitive hiding in Singapore for 4 years deported

Chinese Fugitive hiding in Singapore for 4 years deported

Story from Hainan Phoenix Channel
Translated by Terry Xu/ Image by Chen Weilin

Fugitive deported back to country by Hainan police authorities after four year hiding in Singapore.

Police authorities at the Hainan Public Security Bureau (PSB) announced on 23rd October that the murder suspect Yang Mo Lu who was hiding beyond borders through the guise of working as an overseas worker in Singapore, was deported back in China by the Chinese police in 22nd October after four years on the run.

It was said that on 23rd February 2011, the family members of a Yang family at Tanmen town in Qionghai City reported to the PSB stating that their son have been murdered by two person, Lu and Hao whose surname are both Yang as well. Through the investigation of the Qionghai PSB ,  it was verified that suspects Lu and Hao had conspired together to rob the victim of his belongings. On an evening of March of 2009, the victim was beaten to death by suspect Lu at a village park west of Qionghai City Tanmen town, and was robbed of the motorcycle and gold ring. Suspects Lu and Hao later buried the body of the victim in a nearby farm.

It was later in 22nd February 2011 that suspect Hao turned himself in to the authorities. In 11th January 2011, Qiong Hai procuratorate made a decision to issue an arrest warrant for suspect Lu on charges of his involvement in robbery. It was then known through investigation that Lu had escaped overseas as an oversea worker in Singapore after he had committed the crime and have never returned since.

In February 2012, the provincial PSB submitted the case to the central PSB to contact the Singapore Police Force (SPF)  for assistance in locating Lu and arrest him. The central PSB placed this request in high priority and conveyed the details of Lu escaping to Singapore to the Singapore Police Force.

On 17th October, Central PSB and the provincial PSB both sent representatives to form a task force that traveled over to Singapore to arrest the suspect. When the task force arrived at Singapore, they received vigorous assistance provided by the SPF and the Singapore’s China Embassy in apprehending Lu. With the support by the foreign affairs and the Singapore based China embassy, along with the cooperation of the SPF, the task force deported Lu from Singapore back to Hainan on the afternoon of 22th October.

Under the command of the police bureau, along with the cooperation of the PSB at Haikou Meilan airport , Haikou Meilan airport immigrations and Qionghai City PSB, the exchange of suspect was completed successfully and he has since been lead back to Qionghai PSB for investigations.

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