Man hurls expletives in library and challenges with army vocation.

Man hurls expletives in library and challenges with army vocation.

A video (see above) of a middle aged man filmed who is in a fit of anger hurling expletives at another person at Northpoint Library went viral last night on the social media.

The original video was uploaded to Youtube by an account named as Shelley Ong and credited to a person named Yuzhen for filimg the incident down but the video has just been taken down from Youtube with no clear reasons why.

The uploader explains that this incident started when another man in the library accidentally placed his tablet on the wrong side of the table which eventually sparked off an argument with the man in red.

The man in red repeatedly state his position in the army as being “Commando Special Forces counter-terrorism Plainsclothes unit” and challenged the other to check up his appointment with MINDEF mainframe with the IC number given by him. He also tried to taunt the other into punch him and refused to stop his rowdy behaviour even after being approached by the library staff to stop.

Netizens have identified this person as Jason Tay Yong Xiong, and discovered a blog that seems to be created by the person himself for the purpose of stating his resume. The age indicated in the resume posted corresponds to the IC number stated in the video of S730XXXXD.

What is interesting is that the blogpost states that he completed army in less than 4 months with a rank of private. Which probably indicates that the vocation that he stated to be in is falsified.


The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) have responded to this incident with a facebook update on the official fanpage of SAF stating that he is not a member of the SAF nor has he served in the Commandos and that he currently has no NS liability.


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