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Metaphors are a tricky tool of communication

By Mark Rozells My name is Mark Rozells and I am a Singaporean staying in Toa Payoh. I read the lead article in the Straits Times, “Singapore must change to avert crisis: ESM Goh” (12 Aug) and I was prompted to write this as a note on my Facebook. Not bad, I thought. Finally some boat-rocking, apple cart-upturning, status quo-shaking …

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Supporting Fr Michael Teo

Dear Admin Team, Good morning to you. With reference to the above mentioned article & the online publication (http://sg.news.yahoo.com/priest-defies-singapore-catholic-church-leaders-over-stained-glass-project-143303930.html), I would like to provide my views and to share with you on the written announcement by Rev Fr Michael Teo, age 76 years, who is the priest mentioned in the article. This written announcement was released on 10th Aug, Saturday service mass. …

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