Daily Archives: 2013-08-12

"Our Singapore Conversation" insults Singaporeans' intellect

By Philip Ang I refer to CNA’s “PM Lee to address healthcare, education and housing issues at National Day Rally”. The headline indicates the government has prioritised health care and education over housing. This is wrong. Where CNA had wrongly prioritised Singaporeans’ concerns, fortunately, Yahoo Singapore got them right. (link) Housing has always been the main issue because high property …

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The Fallacy of the “Our Forefathers were FTs Too” Argument

This letter was submitted via the Readers’ Contribution page. Having perused through several articles touching on the FT issue from various sites, some of which admittedly containing obvious political slants towards both ends, I have encountered what I shall term “Our Forefathers were FTs Too” Argument, “OFWFT Argument” for short. The OFWFT Argument usually arises as a rebuttal towards a comment …

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