Daily Archives: 2013-08-09

How Singapore Got Its Name | The Legend of Sang Nila Utama

By Loy Huichien Little LEGO brickfilm which was made to commemorate Singapore’s 48th National Day.   The Prince of Palembang Sang Nila Utama embarks on a dangerous sea journey to fulfil his destiny. Caught in a fierce storm, he throws his crown overboard to appease the Lord of the Sea. After weathering the storm, his ship lands on the island of …

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Looking back at history of how our values evolved on foreign workforce

In 1997, former Primer Minister Goh Chok Tong made his national day rally speech entitled, This was what he said on the government view on Singapore’s foreign talent policy. “Global City, Best Home” Gathering Talent 46. Our second strategy to meet future competition is to gather talent and make Singapore a cosmopolitan city. Singapore has prospered because we have attracted talent …

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