Daily Archives: 2013-08-04

The death of a serviceman that shook a nation

By Terry Xu Every night without fail, I get to watch news from Taiwan due to my dad’s keen interest in news from the republic. Maybe to my dad, it is simply just so intriguing to see all the fine details about the local news in Taiwan that the media dig out with their own sources and reporting it out …

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Is our Government beating the “War” Drum? Pa-rum Pum Pum

By Jentrified Citizen This article first appeared in Jentrified Citizen’s blog In my last blog post I asked if our overly sensitive Government  had declared “war” on the online world and Singaporean bloggers who criticise them. I had used the word war as a metaphor to describe their stepped up attacks and controls on the Internet. Then lo and behold, …

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Open letter to Minister for Education on the Hair for Hope incident

By Stefanie Yuen-thio Dear Minister Almost 2 years ago, Minister, I wrote to you with my concerns about the education system. I am writing again now because of the recent incident involving three brave girls who shaved their heads in solidarity with cancer-stricken children. Hair For Hope is an initiative to support children with cancer who lose their hair due to chemotherapy …

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