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National Family Council releases Singapore's first Family Pledge

The National Family Council has unveiled Singapore’s first Family Pledge on Tuesday. “We, the people of Singapore, pledge to build strong and happy Families. We affirm the commitment of marriage between husband and wife. And take responsibility to nurture our children, and respect our elders. We celebrate and honour the roles of each Family member. And uphold the Family as …

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HDB for singles: All pay more, some pay less?

By Leong Sze Hian Worse than I initially envisaged? After writing “HDB: 2-room BTO only $16,000 – Really?” in the evening of 30 July, when I woke up to read the newspapers on 31 July, it dawned upon me that it may actually be worse (for singles) than what I had originally thought a few hours earlier. Up to $30,000 subsidy? …

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2-room BTO only $16,000 – Really?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “4,079 BTO flats on offer for families & singles” (Channel NewsAsia, Jul 30). $16,000 2-room BTO? It states that “The selling price (including grants) of a two-room BTO flat in Yishun (Vine [email protected]) starts from S$16,000. With effect from Tuesday, the government will also extend the  Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) to singles …

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"Uncloaking the Haze": An eye-opening discussion

By Terry Xu The haze in June 2013 had Singaporeans running around for information on the latest development on the haze situation in Indonesia and where NEA website had its largest views ever since just by people refreshing their screens on latest PSI readings. 37 year old Tan Yi Han conducted a seminar on Monday evening to share his experience in …

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