Daily Archives: 2013-07-30

MDA interrupted tea time… for this?

By Howard Lee If you were to look at the media releases and statements issued by the Media Development Authority the past three months, you might be fooled into thinking that it is actually the Media Regulatory Authority. Starting from the revision to the Broadcasting Act to the latest requirement for The Independent Singapore – a website that purports to …

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Interview with Kathleen Loke, Singaporean volunteer with the Sea Shepherd

The Online Citizen gets in touch with Kathleen Loke, a Singaporean who volunteered with the famous Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) and hears from her about her seafaring experience during the society’s expedition, “Operation Zero Tolerance”. Hi Kathleen! What made you think of volunteering in Sea Shepherd in their expedition? I joined SSCS in order to protect sharks. Growing up in an Asian …

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Limitations of 3D Printing

By Yap Shiwen Continued from Introduction to 3D printing. For all the benefits and effects that come about from 3D printing, there is immense hype surrounding the technology and the industry, driven in part by the inflow of investment capital that surrounds any new phenomena. And this hype can distort awareness of the technology, its potential and its capabilities. There …

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