Daily Archives: 2013-07-27

Interesting extracts from AIM’s incorporation M & A

By Leong Sze Hian When I read the July 2013 issue of Petir, I noticed that the cover page said “In this issue – Lau Ping Sum’s political takeaways″, the article featured on page 6 of the magazine . Executive Director? I remember reading in media reports about the “AIM” issue, that Lau Ping Sum was one of the three directors of AIM and one …

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High pay for better talents?

By Dr Yuen Chung Kwong In late 1994 the Goh Chok Tong government adopted a policy of giving cabinet ministers, parliament members, senior civil servants and other public sector employees (e.g., at the time university professors were included, but they were subsequently decoupled from civil service salary scales.) higher levels of pay, on the twin grounds that salaries competitive to those …

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