Daily Archives: 2013-07-23

3D Printing in Singapore: The Need for a Public Policy Framework

By Yap Shiwen 3D Printing or 3DP, an additive manufacturing technology that translates digital designs into physical objects, has emerged as the latest technology trend in the news, given its status as a disruptive innovation. As a technology, it has the potential to disrupt established supply chains, logistics, the manufacturing industry and intellectual property rights. One of the technology startups …

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The Great Singapore Sale? $2 only – As cheap as AIM!

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the Insight feature article “What makes for good politics?” and the article “Political satire used to be better”(Straits Times, Jul 20). The former states that “the larger and more important battle is not that between political parties but the fight to keep politics above narrow, vested interests. The ultimate goal must be to …

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