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An over-the-top attempt at character assassination

By Andrew Loh Since Ravi Philemon posted those fateful remarks by his friend on the availability of masks during the haze period, much has happened. Minister Yaacob Ibrahim pointed him out in Parliament for attack, questioning him – and other “prominent members of the online community” – if they were helping to “spread” rumours or “even create them”. Dr Yaacob’s …

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Reserves used 55 times: But how much?

By Leong Sze Hian Reserves used 55 times? I refer to the article “Reserves drawn on 55 times since 2002″ (Straits Times, Jul 10). It states that “Past reserves have been drawn on 55 times since 2002 for land acquisition and development purposes … Out of this, 23 projects were to create new land by reclamation from the sea or underground …

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The PAP and the WP: An Ongoing Journey of Political Power

By Ghui The momentum in Singapore’s political scene has been hotting up for some time now. From the WP’s quantum leap into Parliament to the presidential elections to the by-elections, it is perhaps fair to say that the political landscape has irrevocably changed. The Internet has certainly contributed to this seismic shift but more than that, the mindset of Singaporeans …

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Why was problem of unmotivated Singaporean PMEs not discussed for 15 years?

By Chua Suntong I refer to the article “Onus on workers to prove hunger for jobs” by Ms Janice Heng (Singapolitics 6 July 2013, Sunday Times 7 July 2013) Ms Heng referred to public unhappiness that some bosses might prefer foreign professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) to Singaporean ones. She asked whether Singaporeans were not hired for these PME positions because they were …

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