Daily Archives: 2013-07-15

A tale of 2 cities: Work-life balance?

By Leong Sze Hian All is not well? Reading the news in the weekend gives you the feeling that all is not well. With record household debt and suicides, it made me think about how and why we may have arrived at this dismal state? Follow the money? Like they say – always try to follow the money trail. So, the …

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AVA voted against proposals to conserve endangered species in CITES

On Saturday 13th July 2013, in a public forum held during the Singapore Animal Welfare Symposium and Public Forum on Animal Welfare Policies, Jennifer Lee (founder of marine conservation group Project: FIN) directed a question to Minister K. Shanmugam who was present at the public forum,  [divide] I would like to raise my concern about a series of decisions made by Singapore at the recent …

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More education and legislation for animal welfare

Jointly organized by ACRES and Chong Pang Division, the Singapore Animal Protection Symposium and Chong Pang Forum on Animal Protection Policies was successfully held at Chong Pang Community Centre on 13 July 2013. Featuring a series of talks , public forums over the course of day and exhibition booths set up by 13 animal welfare organisations, the event attracted a crowd of a few hundred participants .

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