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Waive Parliamentary privilege: Remembering JBJ?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the articles “WP’s Low wrong not to investigate, leaves grave doubts about his MPs: PM Lee” (Straits Times breaking news, Jul 12) and ”Workers’ Party rejects call to investigate hawker centre cleaning row” (Today, Jul 11). Integrity of MPs and the sort of politics Singapore needs in a First World Parliament The former states that “Workers’ …

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The Great Leap Backward

By Singapore Armchair Critic Between 1958 and 1962, 45 million people perished in the Great Famine of China (watch documentary). The death toll exceeds the total casualties of World War One, and is close to that of World War Two. It took decades for the real magnitude of this man-made catastrophe to come to light. Prior to the arrival of …

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Singapore spends the least (relatively) on social spending?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “Asia spending too little on poor: Report” (Straits Times, Jul 12). Only 3.5% of GDP social spending? It states that “Singapore spent 3.5 per cent of GDP on social protection, which includes the Central Providend Fund (CPF) This was far below the 19.2 per cent by Japan and 8 per cent spent by …

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World’s strongest men stunned by female farmer in China

Trending in the Chinese social media network is a photo of a female farmer carrying two baskets of watermelon in front of three weightlifters. The original Chinese text accompanying the photo goes like this, 2013年世界大力士争霸赛在郑州举行。主持人@zztv晓燕 :跟随几名大力士到中牟体验挑西瓜,轻松拎起一百多斤的瓜筐,瓜田围满看热闹的老乡,这时,一农村大姐走上前,拎着瓜筐就走,“这都不算啥,我们平时都这样干!” 大力士惊得目瞪口呆。高手在民间呀! The translated text goes like this, World’s Strongest Man Competition 2013 organized in Zhengzhou, Henan province. Host, Xiaoyan: Following a few competitors to …

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First fast charger for electric vehicles at mall in Singapore

Bosch Software Innovations announced in a press release on Thursday that the first fast charger for electric vehicles (EVs) located in a shopping mall has been set up at Changi City Point Mall. This will allow the EV test-bed participants to charge their EVs at the mall within 30 minutes instead of six hours at a standard charging station. The fast charger …

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