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MDA guidelines contradict long term economic growth

By Ghui Singapore as a whole is obsessed with economic success. Indeed, it is the very foundation of our nation and the backbone of the PAP’s political power.  Virtually all official communication top down from National Day addresses to Labour Day speeches to election campaigns, laud and celebrate Singapore’s economic prowess. The latest example of this emphasis on the much-heralded …

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Understanding how ‘HDB’ works with trepidation?

By Leong Sze Hian Policy change which caused the greatest untold misery? I promised at the end of my article “The ‘great’ MDA Parliamentary debate: So what?” – that I would write an article on the HDB policy change announced in Parliament in October 2002 – which in my view may have caused the greatest untold misery to arguably the most …

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The ‘great’ MDA Parliamentary debate: So what?

By Leong Sze Hian Adjournment motion on MDA in Parliament – 8 July 2013  When Parliament starts on 8 July, Mrs Lina Chiam has filed an adjournment motion and 7 MPs (4 PAP and 3 opposition) have filed 9 questions on the controversial new MDA regulations. Questions on how it may be applied? Most of the questions evolve around what and …

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Why are you still driving a taxi at age 73?

By James Lim This article was first published at Diary of a Singaporean Cabby “Johnny, why are you still driving a taxi at age 73.” I asked bluntly “Why not!?  Health wise, I’m ok. Do you want me to stare at four great walls that surround me, daily”, Johnny answered jocularly with reference to a Tom Jone’s song. At 18, Johnny joined …

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