Daily Archives: 2013-06-28

Cast Away Like Dirt

Singapore Armchair Critic for The Online Citizen   I have a soft spot for animals and have been a pescetarian for years. It pains me that thousands of pets are abandoned every year in Singapore, when their novelty wears out, when they become sickly, when their owners relocate, when it’s spring cleaning time, et cetera et cetera . . . the …

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Average 24hr PSI reading

By Andre I refer to the news article on Today Online – http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/24-hour-psi-reading-betterreflection-haze-impact-health “The health impact of the air pollutants is determined by both the concentration and the duration of exposure. When we measure the health impact, the 24-hour measurement is a better reflection of the total exposure of the individual to particulate matter,” said Ms Fu, who was standing …

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Govt should be more aggressive in its response to the haze "crisis"

By Sin Wei Xiang I welcome the slew of measures unveiled by the Government to tackle the haze (Jun 21). These measures introduced during the press conference held on Jun 20 include: hourly updates of the 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) readings, daily updates of the following day’s air quality outlook and health advisories, and subsidized medical attention for haze-related ailments …

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