Daily Archives: 2013-06-24

Seeing Through the Haze

By Yun Hui’En Amanda There is no denying that this year’s haze episode is the worst that we, as a nation, have ever seen since our independence; with PSI levels breaking records more than five times within a span of three days, and in numbers well exceeding (the once thought highest possible value of) 300 even after being averaged over …

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Speech – Chained to Our Roots

Speech by Teresa Teo Guttensohn at Hong Lim Park Event – Chained to our roots, appealing to LTA to re-route proposed Cross Island MRT Line to avoid ruining the Central Catchment Nature Reserve

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Tips on dealing with the haze

By Jen This article was first published at Jentrified Citizen The haze is causing numerous problems to many people and I will like to share some of the ways I use to cope with it (plus throw in a few observations). If you have other ideas that work for you, please do share them as we are all still learning …

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