Daily Archives: 2013-06-20

40 “Secret” statistics’ wishlist?

  By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “Government to release more data on the Web” (Today, Jun 18). It states that “Instead of poring over spreadsheets and data tables found across a myriad of Government websites, the public can now access more Government data on topics ranging from lightning activity to property rentals, as the Government continues …

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The Haze: How much more do we have to bear?

By Keith Lim As I write, I sit within the confines of my air conditioned bedroom, in a desperate attempt to avoid inhaling the toxic air outside. Do note that I care quite a bit about the environment and I don’t normally use the air conditioning so this isn’t really the norm for me. It is sad really, that the …

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Construction workers labour through smog

Choo Zheng Xi/ Co-Founder I was on the way home after a late dinner yesterday evening. At dinner, I was suprised at the news that the PSI had spiked at 290 at 9 p.m.. In the taxi back, I could smell the acrid air despite the air conditioning. I took the taxi down Bukit Timah road and passed by two …

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