Short video of “Why We Do This” at Hong Lim Park

Have you seen this video on the second protest just held on 1st may 2013 at Hong Lim Park and liked it?

Carl, the producer of this short video speaks to The Online Citizen on what motivated him to do this short video and shared his feelings over this production.

“The inspiration to do the short video, was due a 60 year old ex-pilot, a stranger who came forward to talk to us on Feb 16th at Hong Lim Park. It was 2 hours early before the actual event and there were just a few people present. He talked about what he used to do for a job and on his children. But more importantly he talked about his concern for the future of Singapore. The rain came and he had to end his speech as fast as he could.

I did it because families held up placards. Brother, sister, father, mother, the entire family standing for hours so that everyone could see their words. Young men wearing red jerseys with red scarfs of “Majulah” “Singapore” held up high. They were all smiling and happy. One of the boys waved our national flag.

I wanted to do this because of the people who came in spite of the rain and they stayed.

They stayed and stood in the rain with their umbrellas raised and their muddy feet. They listen to every word and so did I as much as I could.

I simply wanted to show Singapore the spirit of these people.

I feel grateful and thankful to each volunteer who agreed to hold up a placard on May 1st Hong Lim Park. Without them the video could not be made. I wish I had more time or additional camera because I know there are many more Singaporeans wanting to volunteer. I also want to thank all the people who gave me advice and counsel in the planning stage of the video. And lastly to all the people behind the camera who help me. Thank you to you all. This video is dedicated to all who were involved.”

Carl’s appreciation video for all those people who volunteered to have their video taken for the production. (Its really not easy to find Singaporeans willing to have their face recorded on video – TOC)