Daily Archives: 2013-04-23

Response to Education Minister's stance on learning dialects

By Philip AngDear Minister Heng I refer to the article “Dialects will burden school kids more”. (My Paper Monday, Apr 22, 2013) In the article, you did not cite any supporting study but instead offered your thoughts on how complicated our language environment is. Your agreement with feedback that our education system is too narrowly focused on grades does bring …

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Pwee Foundation holds talk on Dr Goh Keng Swee

Submitted by Pwee Foundation for the talk held by the foundation on 20th April 2013 [divide] Last Saturday morning, the Pwee Foundation held one of its monthly in-house talks, titled ‘The Social Concern of Dr Goh Keng Swee, the civil servant and politician’. The talk was by four guest speakers: Dr Goh’s daughter-in-law and biographer Ms Tan Siok Sun, former …

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DPP's response to DPM Tharman’s interview

Press Statement from Democratic Progressive Party Last week DPM Tharman deviated from the usual PAP customary style of admonishing the “trade-offs” we have to make in order for Singapore to forge forward. As opposed to the deadpan paternalism we are used to receiving, we heard idealism. We have not heard this from our leaders for the longest time. DPM Tharman spoke from his heart. He hopes that …

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