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Country with no oil, but reserves that may never run out?

By Leong Sze Hian You are right – it’s Brunei After writing the article “Country with free healthcare, pension, no income tax, etc” (Apr 8), most of the readers were correct in identifying the country as Brunei. Oil reserves will run out? Quite a number of readers commented that it’s generosity to it’s citizens is because it has oil reserves, which …

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Foreign PMETs problem highlighted in university study (2004)?

By Leong Sze Hian During my talk on “Statistics and the Marxist Conspiracy” at Function 8 on 9 April, I met Vernon who subsequently sent to me, through Function 8, the link to the paper “Singaporean University Graduates in the New Century: Over-educated but Under-skilled?” (24 July 2004), by Stephen J. Appold, Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore. According to …

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The basic right that has yet to “gain currency”

By Melissa Low So a gay couple, Kenneth Chee and Lim Meng Suan challenged S377A. They’ve been together 15 years and though they haven’t been caught in a homosexual act, they are fed up with the injustice of the law existing in the first place. Their challenge was dismissed, and the judge gave the following reasons:   1) It is …

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