Daily Archives: 2013-04-11

A response to S377A judgement

By Teddy Wee After reading the full judgment of the s377A constitutional challenge…I can only say 3 things. I am disappointed the plaintiffs didn’t argue for the illegitimate purpose of s377A and the judge had to argue it for them (good job Justice Quentin Loh!). Ever since I studied Constitutional Law, I always thought the legitimacy of the statute was …

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Ensuring Hawker Centres Survive

By Yap Shiwen Ensuring Hawker Centres Survive There’s been a rash of recent measures and moves to save Singapore’s heritage, specifically the food heritage of our hawker centres. K.F. Seetoh of Makansutra Asia fame has led the push to preserve knowledge of our hawker cuisine, as has Elaine Chew, who leads a government initiative seeking to recognise the quality of …

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Should everyone have a college degree?

In August 2012, PM Lee Hsien Loong announced that Singapore would be adding more universities. This will increase current full-time university intake, and enable 40% of each cohort to go to university by 2020, up from 27% today. Back then, I wrote a letter to TODAY expressing my concerns on this matter. Having lived in Europe previously. I questioned if …

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Saving the hawkers and the hawker trade

By Mohamed Kassim I would like to applaud the new rethink on our often taken for granted and unrecognized culinary gems of  Singaporean Hawkers – Local Hawker Food. The new initiative and crusade lead by Respected Food Critic KF Seetoh Of Makansutra Asia Fame who is pushing to preserve local hawker cuisine and hawker trade with a new drive to encourage retiring hawkers …

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