Daily Archives: 2013-04-04

What are the elders to do?

By Bryan Choo Last week I went down to do some filming to raise awareness for an important Singapore issue, it was to highlight the fact that there are 35,000 elderly living alone in Singapore today. This number includes the elderly who are in poor health, disabled, have been abandoned by their children and those that need help to get by day to …

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Dash to save strays at Bukit Batok

By Terry Xu Update to the story - TOC understands from the estate manager, Mr Raynald of the area through a phone conversation that Jurong Town Council has called off the operation to catch the stray dogs at the area.  This move was possible after the dog lovers have communicated with the town council that they can help to remove the …

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Chope food for the needy

By Terry Xu The story which inspired the suspended coffee movement started off in a travel blog, Accidental Tourist , the suspended coffee movement has gained popularity after a reemergence from sharing of the story via social media. This suspended coffee movement has made its way to Singapore in another form. A page named "CHOPE FOOD for the NEEDY - 'Suspended Food Revolution' to …

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Meritocracy: Romantic idea, poor application

By: Jeraldine Phneah The deficiency of the Singapore education system in ensuring and realizing meritocracy. “We discover, regardless of which society, that in the long run, the rich will marry the rich and their children will have more opportunities. And those who are not rich will form another type of social condition. And that is, those who are not rich and do …

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