Daily Archives: 2013-04-03

Town councils’ new IT contract has “boundary change” clause?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “Japanese company wins PAP town councils’ IT contract” (Straits Times, Apr 3). New contract has “boundary change” clause? It says that the contract includes a clause for boundary changes. What exactly is this clause and what does it mean? “Don’t care a hoot” about AIM review? Given the public outcry on …

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No such thing as “tuition grant” before?

By Leong Sze Hian Thanks to reader who sent education statistics in 1987 After writing the article “University fees increased 7.5% p.a. last 26 years?” (Mar 30), a reader ES sent a 5 March 1987 Straits Times (page 10) article “Ministerial statement on higher fees for NUS, NTI” to the editor of TR Emeritus, as I had said in my article …

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Care to Go Beyond – Courses for the careers?

By Lim CJ I refer to the recent MOH campaign “Care to Go Beyond” Click on http://www.caretogobeyond.sg/ There is a slogan “Make the Switch – you are never too late (or too old) to care” The following observations are which I strongly feel that MOH should address these issues before they launch an advertising to promote these careers. 1) Speech Therapist, …

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