Daily Archives: 2013-03-27

19 year old born, bred ‘Singaporean’, asked to leave as foreigner

By Terry Xu Update: Nadirah is in the process of applying for a long term dependent pass and because of this, she is unable to work in the jobs offered by various concerned business owners. TOC is in contact with her and will update if she is able to have her pass approved in a month’s time. Update: Finally, a reply from …

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Abortion vs Adoption – Another Perspective

By Dr Yuen Chung Kwong A recent article from AWARE  opposes restricting access to abortion in order to increase births, and advocates easing the burden of parenting instead. I would go a step further: I believe the only way for “adoption instead of abortion” to work is if mothers are paid to have their babies adopted, and the way for …

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High Healthcare Cost – What went wrong with our health system?

By Dr Tan Cheng Bock Some background is important to understand our healthcare system. The big change in health care came when the government decided in the late 1980’s to make health an INDUSTRY ie medical industry to add value to our GDP. To do that Singapore must be a centre of medical excellence. So the ministry sold the idea …

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