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Abortion vs Adoption – People’s Well Being Should Come First

AWARE welcomes Minister Chan Chun Sing’s recent statements on abortion, affirming that the decision whether to terminate a pregnancy or bring it to term is a highly personal one, which can only be made by each pregnant person for themselves. We refer to the Straits Times article, “From adoption to abortion” (March 17). The article reported that experts felt “the …

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Telco Premium Rate Service Barring

By Terry Xu Are you aware that there can be a service charge in your telephone bill referred to as premium rate service (PRS)? A reader wrote in to exclaim her family’s astonishment when they received the charges in their bill. The bill charged the reader $75 for 15 messages and all the messages were just incoming short messaging service …

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High Healthcare Cost – A reason to be concerned

By Dr Tan Cheng Bock Health care cost really worries Singaporeans and it is going to get worse. The Ministry of Health (MOH) wants to bring down health care cost but can Health care cost really come down? My personal take is a likely ‘NO’. The reason is because MOH is looking at health care management from the wrong end …

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Singaporeans Happiest in Asia?

By Jen I have seen a lot of bullshit surveys but the recent one claiming Singaporeans are the Happiest in Asia takes the cake for being the one with the biggest BS and a methodology that is laughable. Eden Strategy Institute (ESI) made a flawed claim that Singaporeans are the Happiest in Asia using a survey based on what people are saying …

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Help for those no longer on HOPE?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the ComCare and Social Support Division, Ministry of Social and Family Development’s reply “Help for those no longer on Hope” (Straits Times Forum, Mar 23) to Dr John Hui Keem Peng’s letter “”Give Hope to needy couples – minus family-size criterion” (Straits Times Forum, Mar 19). They know then doesn’t mean its right now? It states that …

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