Daily Archives: 2013-03-25

Perhaps 'Lowly Skilled' Workers are too lowly paid?

By Terry Xu A news article writes – “Singapore is too fixated on producing professional, managerial, executive and technician (PMET) jobs for Singaporeans, and this mindset creates a problem”, said economics professor Linda Lim at a population-policy forum. I would like to ask everyone to think back to the days of schooling where the teacher discusses with their class on …

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Budget surplus: $3.9b or $36b?

By NG (Concern citizen) and Leong Sze Hian According to the Singapore government’s latest budget statement , the government’s budget surplus was SGD 3.86 bn (SGD 3.61 bn before Net Investment Return Contribution (NIRC) and top ups to endowment and trust funds) for 2012. However, according to the “Monthly Digest of Statistics Singapore” published by the Department of Statistics (DOS), the …

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ITE students’ real growth in spending minus 1% p.a. last 14 years?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Education Statistics Digest 2012. Expenditure per ITE student: – 1% p.a. increase? Government Recurrent Expenditure on Education per Student for ITE grew from $10,586 to $11,914, from 1997/98 to 2011/12. This is an increase of just 0.9 per cent per annum over the last 14 years. In contrast, inflation increased by about 1.94 …

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