Farewell to a fellow blogger, Feedmetothefish

By Terry Xu


For anyone surfing the social political blogs in Singapore, “Feedmetothefish” is no stranger. A social political blog that has started since 2007 writing on personal thoughts of events and issues in Singapore. Attracting a steady pool of regular readers to his blog with posts that often holds no bar.  In the last blog post by Mr Fish on 19 March 2013, a comment writes;

This is the brother of Mr Fish with a piece of bad news. This is his last post. Mr Fish visited the kampong of his dreams as described in the last 2 posts, and has moved on to a better place where there are no more heart pains. I quote from the blog above,” Some say, “Life’s a bitch and then we die.” I do not agree. I believe, “Make Life Joyful and then we go to a better place.” It can be joyful if we do what’s right and honorable even if we are not rich or powerful. It is most joyful if we do our part to help the future generation to have a better life.” Unquote. So thank you Brother, you have done a lot for nation building, with your incisive write up, humour and tireless efforts putting up youtube videos to share the joy of our democracy. We have enjoyed this journey together.

The family wants privacy and would continue to prefer the anonymity. Do post your condolences and messages here for Mrs Fish, children grandchildren and his extended family.

God bless you Mr Fish. You have run a good race with your second life. See you on the other side 🙂

It has been 3 days since the post appeared on the site and quite a number of condolence wishes has appeared on the comment thread where the notice of the passing first surfaced. There has been no attempt by the blog owner to correct this notification by the anonymous comment poster and so it would seem that the anonymous blog writer at http://feedmetothefish.blogspot.sg/ might have really left us for good.

While there are posts around that are speculating who the writer of the blog actually is, but as what the anonymous poster has said along with the news of the blog owner’s passing.  Mr Fish’s family wish to stay anonymous and we should let it stay that way, for there is nothing to gain for anyone to know the real identity of this long time blog poster along with who are his family members. They would probably prefer to be given a silent moment to mourn for the lost of a beloved husband and father

Our regular contributor in TOC, Jen wrote a facebook status update.

Heard the news that one of our favourite bloggers Feedmetothefish has passed away. It is a sad day and a huge loss to Singapore. He wrote with heart and with sense and was one of those who inspired many including myself. RIP Mr Fish.

You fought a good fight for us all. Thank You. We will continue the fight for fairness, justice and democracy. deepest condolences to his family.

We at the TOC would also like to express our sincere condolence to the family of Mr Fish and our appreciation for his long contribution to the local blog community with his posts. Rest in peace and we will definitely remember you for all that you have done. Mr Fish might be gone but his blog still stand strong along us with his words from the heart for our country.