Daily Archives: 2013-03-22

Policy makers to experience the lives of those whom they serve

By Philip Ang Dear PM Lee I fully agree with Mr Leong Tze Hian’s article on TOC’s “Cleaners to wait “till kingdom come”?. (16 March) The government keeps implementing schemes to benefit low wage earners which ‘somehow’ contributed to a significant decrease in their salaries. Nowhere in the world are there as many elderly cleaners as there are in Singapore, …

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HOPE scheme is hopeless?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to John Hui Keem Peng’s (Dr) letter ”Give Hope to needy couples – minus family-size criterion“. (Straits Times Forum, Mar 20). HOPE – Cannot have more than 2 children? The letter states that “I once came across a patient who saw me for complaints arising from complications of an abortion she underwent a week earlier. During …

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Farewell to a fellow blogger, Feedmetothefish

By Terry Xu For anyone surfing the social political blogs in Singapore, “Feedmetothefish” is no stranger. A social political blog that has started since 2007 writing on personal thoughts of events and issues in Singapore. Attracting a steady pool of regular readers to his blog with posts that often holds no bar.  In the last blog post by Mr Fish …

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