Daily Archives: 2013-03-15

SDP – MOH must tackle root cause of healthcare problems

The members of the Healthcare Advisory Panel from Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has issued a press statement which express their support in Health Minister Gan Kim Yong’s acknowledgment about high healthcare costs in Singapore and that Mr Gan has taken some measures to ease such costs for Singaporeans. Prof Paul Tambyah, Dr Patrick Kee, Dr Leong Yan Hoi and Dr Wong Wee Nam …

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A light hearted, comedy ballet performance – Coppélia

By Terry Xu Launching off as SDT’s first performance in its 25th season. Coppélia comes as a light, refreshing and enjoyable ballet performance presented by the Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) . The story of Coppélia goes about a young village couple, Franz and Swanilda, who are engaged. Their love undergoes a test when Franz becomes infatuated with Coppélia, a life-like …

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Singaporean youths speak up on what makes them happy

Singapore, 14 March 2013 – Results of a survey on what makes Singaporean youths happy have revealed the top three answers as travelling, spending time with family and friends, and making a positive contribution to society. Some 1,800 polytechnic and university students aged 18 to 25 were asked to write down something meaningful in life that they want to do …

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Single unwed parents given same leave entitlement

In Acting Minister for Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Mr Chan Chun Sing’s closing speech for the Ministry. He announced in his speech that the infant care and childcare leave provisions will be extended to single unwed parents. “We understand that many of these families need additional support, especially single mothers. But single mothers are not a uniform …

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