Increasing safety for cyclists and pedestrians

Increasing safety for cyclists and pedestrians

pritnam singh

MP for Aljunied GRC, Mr Pritnam Singh asked the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) on Wednesday to consider an inter-agency educational campaign covering cycling etiquette and other personal road safety measures for cyclists as part of a national safe cycling framework.

He said that cycling remains a popular and convenient means of transport over short distances for many Singaporeans and even foreign workers near industrial areas and highlighted that the extension of the National Cycling Plan (NCP) to seven HDB towns in the very near future will likely increase ridership.

“Unfortunately, the popularity of cycling to run chores, for work or leisure has also resulted in a larger number of accidents, brushes and near misses both on our roads and in our housing estates.” said Mr Pritnam Singh and citing from a report from Straits Times that the level of safety awareness have not kept up with the cycling initiatives.

He then raised the issue of the difficulty of enforcing on cyclists who cycle in some common areas which puts children and older citizens in danger. The national safe cycling framework could support Town Council efforts in educating cyclists to dismount from one’s bicycle and to push it along under HDB void decks.

A legislative review of the Road Traffic (Bicycles) Rules was proposed to MOT and reiterate the need to push for greater exposure and public awareness of the rules.

Apart from asking for a review of the safety related aspect of cycling for both work and leisure, he also proposed the collaboration between MOT and the other ministries such as Ministry of National Development to address ridership patterns in town councils.

Mr Prinam Singh then asked if NCP that is rolled out in seven HDB towns by next year will  also be planning to carry out the initiative to other constituencies.