Daily Archives: 2013-03-11

Hospitals: 80% of patients pay less than $100?

By Leong Sze Hian According to an article in Zao Bao (Mar 11), 80 per cent of hospital patients in Class C and B2 pay less than $100 of out-of-pocket expenses for their hospitalisation. It has been said that in “Statistics”, whenever you are given statistics to show that most people don’t have problems, you should also try to find …

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India-Singapore CECA: 127 professionals can come for up to a year? (Part 2)

By Leong Sze Hian After writing “India-Singapore CECA: 127 professionals can come for up to a year?” (Mar 9), a reader sent me the  link to the the paper, India‐Singapore CECA An Evaluation Submitted to Centre for Civil Society By Rahul Garg 127 professions + some more? It states that “Movement of Natural Persons. This aspect is regarding the liberalization of Mode 4 …

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Malays: A statistical journey backwards in time?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the articles “Malay singaporeans poised for next level” and “Malays have less social capital: Study”(Sunday Times, Mar 10). It states that “two-thirds of Malay households now live in four-room flats or larger. Meanwhile. a third now hold jobs in the professionals, managers, executives and technicians category, up from just 7 per cent in 1980. …

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