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India-Singapore CECA: 127 kinds of professionals can come for up to a year?

By Leong Sze Hian Origin of foreign workers is sensitive information? After writing the article “Population data cannot breakdown because not in our interests?” (Mar 8), I had the nagging feeling that there may be more to the story that “”It may have implications on specific groups or persons or create sensitivities in the countries of origin of those who are …

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Lower & middle-income: low taxes, high benefits?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “Progressivity ‘not for its own sake’” (Straits Times, Mar 8). Tax system helps Singaporeans have better lives? It states that “The true test of Singapore’s tax system is not how progressive it looks, but how it actually helps Singaporeans have better lives”. “Taxes” that are Uniquely Singapore? I think the problem with …

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Minimum Wage : Open letter to Mr Lim Swee Say

By Phillip Ang Dear Mr Lim Swee Say I refer to CNA article “Singapore’s model of minimum wage taking shape: Lim Swee Say” dated 6 March. Mr Lim seems to be confused with real minimum wage and Singapore government handout in the form of WIS supported by WTS and PWM. Mr Lim also said that “The third component is the labour movement’s progressive …

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How much profits should social enterprises make? (Part 2)

By Leong Sze Hian Quarrel between transport correspondent and Comfort CEO? After writing “How much profits should social enterprises make?” (Mar 7), I vaguely remember some controversy about a decade ago, about a newspaper transport correspondent being barred from a company’s functions and all contact with him, because he had written an article about the pay of the  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) being …

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