Daily Archives: 2013-02-28

The missing passion

By Wang JC When we were young, we drew national flags during national day celebration. I had vivid memories. I always make sure i draw a nice rectangle shape. Try to colour the red properly and took time to not colour red over the white stars and crescent. Interestingly, as a young boy, i felt a sense of responsibility as a citizen …

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New Budget and Old Asset Rich Folks

By Dr Yuen Chung Kwong Singapore has one of the highest per capita wealth index in the world, largely a reflection of high property prices and a high level of real estate ownership. Yet, few people feel they are rich, because most people do not have large amounts of disposable cash – one might live in a high price home …

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What the Budget means for a lower-income Singaporean? (Part 2)

By Leong Sze Hian My name is Jane (not my real name). I am a 33 year old Singaporean worker with a basic pay of $500 a month. With overtime and allowances, I can earn as much as $1,900 because my normal work hours are 12 hours a day for six days in a week. How many low-income workers? I understand …

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