Daily Archives: 2013-02-21

$6,140 benefits per household member?

By Leong Sze Hian   I refer to the Department of Statistics’ Key Household Income Trends 2012. $6,140 benefits per HDB 1 & 2-room household member? It states that “On average,  resident households received $1,340 of transfers per member from various government schemes in 2012. Those in HDB 1- & 2-room flats received the most, at an annual average of $6,140 per household member, …

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Reply to Dr Wee Teck Young’s Letter to TOC

By Lee Jixiang I read with great interest “The hurt of militarized authoritarianism in Singapore, Afghanistan and the world” by Dr Wee Teck Young on TOC. Dr Wee and his fellow social workers and volunteers are risking their lives every single day there and as a Singaporean, he is physically witnessing first hand what “War on Terror” really does to a …

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