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Open letter on the projected 6.9 million population

By Terence Yeo   The 6.9 million person population is indeed the defining question of our times. There are indeed powerful arguments on both sides of the fence, pro and against the population increase. We need a radical out-of-the box solution. Let’s negotiate with the United Nations (UN) – and come to a global consensus – making Singapore the first …

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A protest against "6.9 million by 2030" at Hong Lim Park

By Terry Xu A protest against the recently endorsed White Paper on Population has been planned by Transitioning.org (A support site for the unemployed & underemployed) to take place at Hong Lim Park, this coming Saturday, 16th Feb 2013, from 4pm to 7pm. The protest aims to gather Singaporeans who do not agree with the 6.9 million population projection by the White Paper and asking …

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Why The Rules Make Managers Turn To Immigrants

Opinions expressed by Lee Chiu San The writer was a journalist in the mainstream media who, in his own words: “had to leave for the much more honest and rewarding profession of selling cars.” Now retired, he and his contemporaries got involved in an e-mail discussion on the White Paper on Population. One forwarded Chiu San’s e-mails to TOC, which …

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Bring back Tipping to draw Singaporeans to work in F&B

This article first appeared in Jentrified Citizen By Jen The Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) has issued a strong statement urging the government to re-assess curbs on the inflow of foreign workers or businesses will face dire consequences. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/restaurant-association-urges-govt-review-curbs-foreign-workers It added in a statement that if nothing is done, Singapore may also lose its reputation as a global city with a vibrant …

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