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HELP KENNY GEE NOW from Kenny Gee on Vimeo.

Two crooks. One dead body. One long night ahead.

Kenny Gee, post-graduate film school student at Tisch School of the Arts, isn't really being kidnapped - but he is making a new short film on the crime genre, and is seeking funding here :

"It's been something of a lifelong dream of mine to tell a story like that in Singapore, even if it means inventing a Singaporean criminal underworld from scratch. We don't get many crime films here made like that - gritty, dark, and brutal, but also funny, and eccentric--the kind of film that makes you wonder why you're smiling when terrible things are happening on screen. With your help and a little bit of luck, The Body will be one of those movies."

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This entry was posted in Lifestyle.

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