Is Singapore really the most unhappy society in the world?

Media release from “The Happiness Revolution: Live Life Now”

A few months ago, Singapore made international news for being one of the most unhappy societies in the world. Given that we are also one of the most developed, do we really have that much cause for unhappiness?

Four youths from Nanyang Technological University don’t think so.

Happiness is not just an emotion; it is a choice. Research has consistently shown that happiness produces success, not the other way round.

The problem is, we Singaporeans are too caught up in our own rat race for good grades and a good job, thinking that we will be happy when we achieve all of these material goals. But the truth is, when we get there, we realize that the happiness is not as fulfilling as we thought it would be.

The four youths, Ms. Fiona Cher, Mr. Izzat Rusydi, Ms. Hong Shuqi and Mr. Lin Huanyu, have embarked on a movement to change the way happiness is perceived in Singapore. In the past three weeks, they have been visiting various schools to talk to students and get them to think about what makes them happy and doing the things that make them now.

After all, why postpone happiness?

Over 800 youths agree, and have since pledged to start doing the things that make them happy.

We may live in Singapore where meritocracy reigns, but there is more to life than just good grades and a good job. If we don’t make the choice to be happy now, then when?

Note: “The Happiness Revolution: Live Life Now” is a social movement that seeks to spread the message of happiness and does not earn from any of its activities. Those who wish to take part and join the revolution for a happier Singapore can visit their booth at Scape on 15th and 16th February to pledge and make a difference. You can also download your own Happiness Kit or find more information online at