Daily Archives: 2012-10-11

HDB and GIRO deductions

By Zephyr Mansor – Letter to the Editor I would like to share my experience with HDB which I hope you would share with the other TOC readers. Last night, I found out that 2/3 of my salary was deducted from my bank account through GIRO. After looking at the bank statement, it showed that HDB had deducted that amount. …

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TOC’s Response to MOM Statement on Panasonic Singapore foreign workers

By TOC Team – TOC notes the Ministry of Manpower’s response to our article of 9 October 2012 entitled “Secret tape exposes Panasonic Singapore’s Employement Agent practices” on 10 October 2012 at 7.32 p.m.. TOC regrets that MOM has chosen to take the view that the purpose of our article is to “undermine public confidence” in ongoing MOM investigations into …

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Learning according to capabilities, not age

By Jenn Lee – Since PM Lee’s National Day Rally speech exhorting parents not to “over-teach” their pre-school children and let them enjoy their childhoods more, many voices have concurred and called for reducing the stress levels in our school system. For the most part that is good advice, if a more relaxed pace in teaching would result in less …

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