Daily Archives: 2012-10-10

Pulling Singapore out of the slums ?!?

By Narayana Narayana – The September 23 2012 (pg 46) Sunday Times 'Think' article 'Pulling Singapore out of the slums' mentions today Sept 28 as the launch-date for a 'coffee-table book to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the setting up of the Ministry of the Environment & Water Resource (MOEWR ?)   Without intending in any way to denigrate the Ministry's undoubted accomplishments in …

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A letter from Jack

By Jack Sim – The following is a letter from Jack Sim to our readers at TOC.  Jack is the founder of the Restroom Association of Singapore and the World Toilet Organization. He was recently the featured in a TOC report here.   Hello Everyone, We speak up because we love our country. Our intentions are good. By speaking up, we bring attention to …

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